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Exploratores AI Cyber reponse plan

Are you shielded from online threats?

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Child Online Protection

Protect your child from online threats such as Cyber-bullying

Cloud Computing

Focus on the core business and get IT needs delivered to you as services

Mobile Security

Protect your privacy, Track your phone, Keep viruses away, Surf the web safely

About Us

We are Exploratores AI Limited, a leading Cyber Security Company in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We provide Information Security Solutions to the Government, Corporate, SME, and Private sectors. In addition we provide IT Consultancy services as well as Web Development and Mobile App development services.

Our Services


Penetration testing is simulating an attack in the same way a hacker would. The intention is to find and fix security weaknesses in the system.


We have a response plan that aims to manage a security incident to protect your data and minimize the extent of damage that is caused.


We offer advice on how to strengthen cyber security and train your staff on how to identify the cyber security needs of your business.

More Services

We are focusing on some user needed software solution – those are making easier life of our valued customer as well as user. Not only though we do customize solution what you in need.


We ensure that you evade all hassles of running and maintaining a data center. Focus on the core business and get your IT needs delivered to you as services.


Looking for a website to sell your product or interact with your customers? We will make you one that will effectively enhance your online presence.


At Exploratores AI Limited we are committed to develop cost effective software which are customized to meet your unique and specific business needs.

Why Choose Exploratores AI?

Find out how we’re different and why we should be your first choice as a provider of Systems and Data Security solutions:
  • We listen, we analyze, we discuss, we advise.
  • We go the extra mile to ensure that you are secured
  • We are dedicated to our clients’ success
  • Our efficiencies allow us to pass benefits to you