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In Bangladesh (as well as the entire world) Cyberspace, everyone is exposed to a myriad of threats. That therefore calls for adequate precautionary measures to safeguard online users. Operating in an insecure environment can greatly interfere with performance and subsequently the organization’s output. Exploratores AI Services are tailored to secure the diverse elements of a particular client’s organization, and to ensure the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of information within that computing environment.

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing, or the short form Pen test, is simulating an attack in the same way a hacker would. The intention is to and security weaknesses in the system. Certified Ethical Hackers at Techinnovar Pen test to detect your vulnerabilities, allowing you to take precautions to make your IT impenetrable and demonstrating security to your clients.

Cyber Incident Response

With increased Cyber criminal activities, attacks towards organizations are at an all-time increase. As a result, organizations need to be prepared to the inevitable data breach. At Techinnovar, we have a response plan that aims to manage a cyber security incident to protect your valuable data and minimize the extent of any damage that is caused.

Security Awareness Training

Changing the company culture to implement security is one of the biggest challenges, but for any business which is keen on securing its critical assets which lie in sensitive data and Intellectual Property, will engage in an initiative to train its staff on cyber security.

At Exploratores AI we will train your staff recognize the value of different types of information; to understand the scope, nature and origin of the diverse risks to such information; and to behave proactively to protect this information in their everyday work.


We ensure that you evade all hassles of running and maintaining a data center. Focus on the core business and get your IT needs delivered to you as services.


Looking for a website to sell your product or interact with your customers? We will make you one that will effectively enhance your online presence.


At Exploratores AI Limited we are committed to develop cost effective software which are customized to meet your unique and specific business needs.