An organization’s security posture can be substantially improved by regularly training employees in how not to get their company’s data and systems breached.

This is why at Exploratores AILimited we offer an efficient Cyber Security Awareness Training services, tailored for organizations, businesses and individuals in the industry.

Why train your staff on Cyber Security Awareness?

44% of organizations say they are dissatisfied with investment in cybersecurity technology because they lack the in-house expertise to leverage it.

An informed, vigilant workforce is one of the most important defenses against cyberattacks. Hackers know that most workers tend to be helpful and trusting, so they execute attack strategies that exploit human vulnerabilities.

Even boardroom leaders are targeted and fall victim to socially engineered emails that deploy malicious cyber weapons into the company’s network.

We will make sure your Staff are aware and fully understands Cyber Security

Exploratores AI’s Security Awareness training combines learning theory and practical hands-on to deliver informative and compelling training.

Expand Security Awareness

Our training is designed for all employees including roles such as human resources, legal, marketing, finance, sales, operations, and customer service who have access to an organization’s computer systems and information. Topics covered: Malware, social engineering, password security, email security, physical security, mobile device security and phishing.

Engage Your Audience

Your employees will be able to recognize the value of different types of information, to understand the scope, nature and origin of the diverse risks to such information; and to behave proactively to protect this information in their everyday work.